Monday, 18 August 2008

The Political Stance of Independence Cymru

The time has come to clarify a few points regarding the political stance of this blog. This blog is in a sense apolitical, and wary of ideology. I think that concentration on ideological issues endangers the cause of nationalism by dividing those with rightist leaning from those of leftist leanings. That is why I have stated that Plaid Cymru is an umbrella organisation, although in many readers' eyes it is not. Ideology per se is a fatal flaw in the growth of nationalism. Lessons may be learned from Ireland, where Michael Collins and Eamonn de Valera had divergent views. In the words of the song written by Dominic Behan: "But still De Valera was greatly to blame, for shirking his part in the patriot game!" Agreed, Plaid Cymru is a left of centre, radical and progressive party and I support that, but the issue is independence and this will not be achieved by disunity.

Let all sincere nationalists steer away from ideological viewpoints and focus on the goal of independence. The rest can come later. After the declaration of independence political parties will emerge as a natural process and the British parties of today will reform into their political groupings. Then is the time to argue about ideological viewpoints, but not now, when the pressing issues are a parliament and the cause of an independent Wales. Plaid Cymru could well disband and so might the SNP, and new political parties may take their place in time to come. Plaid Cymru exists to strive for a Parliament and for Independence, in concert with the SNP's push for Scottish independence. The fulfilment of these aims by democratic means will alter the state of the Union and dissolve it.

Now is the time for unity and not division on ideological lines. We know well that the southerners (Adam Price et al.) favour a radical, left wing socialist approach, and the northerners in general favour a right of centre stance. Much of that stems from the 19th century radicalism of the valleys and the more liberal rural traditions. But let us not dwell on these matters. Personally, I am liberal and libertarian, a democratic radical pluralist and advocate of national unity and solidarity. I do not oppose those who disagree with my views. I seek to unite all in the nobler cause of an independent Cymru. That is why I believe that Plaid should be an umbrella party which embraces different political outlooks. In unity lies strength. Through unity comes victory; through division we fall, and all will be lost.
All those who aspire to the emergence of an independent country within Europe need to raise their sights, ignore petty considerations and espouse the greater vision of Cymru Fydd.

"The Patriot Game" -


Anonymous said...

But you're a communist party supporter masquerading as a Plaid Press Officer.

You can't have it all ways.

alanindyfed said...

The fact that I support Leanne in doing whatever she pleases does not make me a communist.

Anonymous said...

Logic++.It makes you a communist supporter, though.

Anonymous said...

Your cause of independence IS an ideology.

This blog is entirely political and solely exists to promote the ideology of independence.

You're really hard work sometimes.

American Jones said...

Greetings Cymru! I found this site quite by accident, doing a little genealogy on the pack of Jones ancestors who settled in the colonies in 1600.

From an external perspective, hail to Independence.

I don't quite get the label of "communist" as if it is something quite vulgar or untoward, it is so 1950s. Frankly judging by the wealth standards of the top few percent of the world, seems we could all do with a little "communism."

alanindyfed said...

Greetings and thanks for hailing the cause of independence.
Nobody I know here is a communist,
though many adhere to Welsh traditional communal virtues and there is little support for total privatisation and profiteering at the expense of others.

kerdasi amaq said...

lefties are untrustworthy, their prime allegiance is to leftieism and not their national people and country. Their final objective is a 'One World One Dream' government which will be very different from what they imagine.

The complete obliteration of all independent nations and people and their replacement with a mongrel mixture of peoples ruled by a 'superrace'.