Friday, 22 August 2008

Growing Overseas Support for Independence

A glance at the Traffic Map on the right side of this page will show that this blog, and other nationalist blogs are being read by Welsh emigrees and settlers living and working in lands across the globe. Furthermore, there is enthusiastic support among many of these readers for the cause of independence. In percentage terms, I surmise that it may be higher than the support received domestically. Be that as it may, the Welsh expatriates constitute a growing band of overseas supporters, and there are organs which encourage and inform, as well as collate and publicise events, such as the Newsletter from Carwyn Edwards of the Welsh League of Arizona, the recently founded site Global, and the Facebook group Let's Find the World's Welsh.

From this it can be observed that the movement for constitutional change and reconstruction of the state of Britain is not only a talking point at home, but also overseas, and particularly in the former colonial countries which form the Commonwealth. Following the advent of independence it is hoped that many of these expatriate Welsh will return to Wales to add fresh blood to the newly established self-governing nation, just as in Ireland, where investors were given generous incentives to set up businesses in the country (the lowering of Corporation Tax to 10%, for example). So, for anyone who may be interested in helping to swell the number of overseas supporters for the cause, I suggest that you take a look at these information gathering facilities and link up to form a truly global community of committed Cymry'r Byd. - Newsletter to Wales and the World (Let's find the World's Welsh)


arthur english said...

Traffic is no indicator of opinion.

I daresay most are like me, we just call in for a good laugh and to amuse ourselves with your latest ramblings.

To say that traffic indicates "enthusiastic support" is just another manifestation of your delusional state.

Nevertheless, please don't be discouraged as you provide an essential public service in exposing the addled ideology of nationalism.

kerdasi amaq said...

What are the two dumbest things an independent Welsh government can do?

1 Maintain the tax code exactly as written by Westminster.

2 Slavishly imitate every tax innovation introduced by Westminster.

The authority to write the National tax code is the single biggest prize of independence. Use it wisely.