Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Right Priorities

Sian Ifan writes:

I was saddened to watch the Welsh news the other evening and see Welsh children of a very young age being brain washed and encouraged to make Union Jack bunting for Street Parties. Patriotic parents need to find out if their children are being involved in this activity and complain to the school and local educational authorities if they are. Of course, we all - and especially children love parties but patriotic parents cannot possibly allow their children to attend  these street parties. Thus it is very important that Pobl Glyndŵr (with children) join with other patriots in organising alternative patriotic events in their communities such as Pobl Glyndŵr picnics and pageants in the parks of Wales. all the better if such an event can be held at one of the Glyndŵr designated named parks such as the ones at Johnstown , Wrecsam, Caenarfon and Caerffili.

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