Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Way Ahead in 2011

‘Yes for Wales’ campaign launches

On Wednesday, January 5th a number of ‘Yes for Wales’ launch events will be held all over the nation. Events will be held in Aberystwyth, Casnewydd, Bangor, Wrecsam and Aberdâr. A launch event will be held in Abertawe on January 12th.  A number of other events in all parts of Wales will be held over the next few months so if you’d like to arrange a street stall or a launch party in your village or town, contact to volunteer! 

In the meantime, we’d be really grateful if you could make every effort to attend one of the launch events detailed below to show Wales and the world that we want a resounding ‘yes’ vote on March 3rd 2011. And remember....these events are open to everyone – from Plaid Cymru, from other political parties and from society as a whole. Anyone who plans on voting ‘yes’ on March 3rd 2011 is invited to attend! And if you know of young people in your area that would be inspired by an event such as this, encourage them to attend!


Aberdâr: Wednesday, January 5th at 7.00pm. Cwm Dar Country Park.
Abertawe: Wednesday, January 12th at 7.00pm. Canolfan Dylan Thomas Centre,  Somerset Place, Abertawe, SA1 1RR.
Aberystwyth: Wednesday, January 5th, 7.00pm. Canolfan y Morlan (Morfa Mawr, Aberystwyth, SY23 2HH)
Bangor: Wednesday, January 5th. 7.00ypm, Bangor Cricket Club,  Llandegai Industrial Park, Ffordd Llandegai, Bangor, LL57 4HR.
Casnewydd: Wednesday, January 5th. YMCA, Casnewydd.
Wrecsam: Wednesday, January 5th, 7.00yh. Canolfan Catrin Finch Centre, Prifysgol Glyndŵr University, Wrecsam.

What better way to kickstart the new year than by supporting one of these events?! And if you can’t be there, remember that you can volunteer to help the ‘yes’ campaign by sending an e-mail to , or by visiting our website:

There are only 10 weeks left to persuade everyone in Wales that....

  • laws which affect Wales only should be made in Wales.
  • a ‘yes’ vote will give Wales a stronger voice. 
  • a ‘yes’ vote will make it easier for us to run our own affairs.

We look forward to seeing a great number of Plaid members in one of these events.

Happy New Year!

Leanne Wood AC & Gwenllian Lansdown
Plaid Cymru Representatives, Ie dros Gymru / Yes for Wales

Dr. Gwenllian Lansdown
Prif Weithredwr / Chief Executive
Plaid Cymru

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