Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Kirsty and the Language


In an impassioned speech in the Assembly Kirsty Williams has called for Welsh to be given full official status. Why does Carwyn Jones, the first minister, give such a luke-warm response? What does it say about the Plaid-Labour coalition if Plaid is not pressing with equal urgency to campaign for official status, but is allowing an avowedly unionist party to bring this important matter to the attention of government? Who has the real interests of the Welsh nation at heart?

Kirsty Williams presses for official status for the Welsh Language

10.15.47am GMT Wed 1st Dec 2010
Kirsty Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has pressed Carwyn Jones in First Minister's Questions to use the last opportunity available to amend the Welsh Language Measure to deliver Welsh official status, a goal long sought by Welsh language campaigners.
Commenting afterwards, Kirsty said:
"Welsh Liberal Democrats are tabling amendments to the Welsh language Measure that will ensure Welsh is given an unconditional declaration of official status.
"Today, I asked the First Minister if Labour and Plaid Cymru Ministers will work with the Welsh Liberal Democrats to agree amendments that will put right the wrong done to the Welsh language over the past centuries.
"Despite all the talk over the years and decades, you would scarcely credit it that it is a Plaid Cymru minister that has made such a dog's dinner of the Welsh Language Measure and we could actually end up with a worse situation that we currently have. I urge the Government, even at this late stage, to listen to the campaigners and give Welsh official language status, as they promised they would in the Labour-Plaid coalition agreement."

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