Wednesday, 11 March 2009

St Patrick would Disapprove

Violence in the north of Ireland can only be deplored yet the cause is well-known and the situation has yet to be resolved. It is tied up with anomalous state of the British Constitution and the partition of a nation, the nation of Ireland. The answer lies in the creation of a united Ireland, as well as the dismemberment of the Union. The time will come when the nations of Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall and the Isle of Man (along with Brittany) are recognised as independent nations within the European Union.


Anonymous said...

Not a chance.

'are recognised as independent nations within the European Union.'

Europe won't have it.

What Europe wants is the obliteration of the European Nations. Mass-immigration and miscegenation is their method to achieve this.

Anonymous said...

The Isle of Man isn't in the EU, Alan!