Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Working Together in the Cause

Welsh and Scots MEPs back 'Dragon and Lion' bid for Euro2016

Plaid Cymru Member of the European Parliament Jill Evans and colleague SNP MEP Alyn Smith have thrown their weight behind the prospect of a joint Welsh and Scottish bid to host football's European Championships in 2016.

The pair have written, jointly, to the Presidents of the Welsh and Scottish Football Associations in support of talks between those bodies to thrash out the details of a prospective bid. The SNP and Plaid Cymru co-operate in both the European and London Parliaments, sharing staff and facilities.

Speaking from Brussels, Alyn Smith MEP said:

"We're used enough to the camaraderie that the Rugby generates and this is a great chance to showcase both our countries to the rest of Europe. Joint bids are the way of the future for UEFA and I like the fact that there is an actual need for co-operation. The Scots and the Welsh have already been working together for years and this is another extension of that.

"We know from our own experience in the European Parliament that working together gets results, and I think it is only right we stress that any Scottish-Welsh bid will have our full support.

Jill Evans MEP added:
"This is a great chance for the Celts to shine, we know from our own experience that we can work together well and it is only right that two such passionate footballing nations work together to host the championships.

"I'm delighted to support a joint bid and both myself and my Scottish colleague Alyn Smith have put our backing on the record. This would be a tremendous opportunity for our two countries to showcase our strong sporting history and culture. Between us we have first rate facilities and I know that the Welsh and Scots would make excellent hosts.

"It would also be a major boost in promoting football to a new generation of young people as well as emphasising our respective nations' independence in sporting competitions."

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