Friday, 3 October 2008

Emulating the Dragon!

It appears that David Cameron is seeking to revive the policies of Thatcherite Conservatism in his bid to win power in Britain. In his Convention speech he made references to the change which Margaret Thatcher brought to British politics. He also stated that his policy was conservative, not libertarian. While this Labour government is in dire need of being replaced owing to Labour´s inept and incompetent, arrogant and bureaucratic, ten years in office, with a great increase in social injustice and mismanagement of public funds the policies envisioned by David Cameron will not endear him to the Welsh electorate.

There is undoubtedly the need for change, as Britain increasingly falls into the type of society as described in "Animal Farm" and "1984", but we should be careful that the changes proposed by David Cameron and others do not mean a reversion to Thatcherism.

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Anonymous said...

Thatcher wasn't a Conservative, more a Liberal of the 19th century mould, or what gets called a neo-liberal now. Bear in mind that she came from a Methodist middle class background, like many prominent people of the old Liberal party (pre-Alliance) and it makes some sense...