Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Digital Television Network for Scotland

Scotland now benefits from BBC Alba, much of which is in the native language of Alba - Gaelic. It is an entertaining channel and I recommend that you tune in. A debate has just recently taken place in the Scottish Parliament on the creation of an independent digital television network for Scotland and cross-party consensus has been achieved for this highly important service, which will assist in
further promoting the economic and cultural life of the nation. It is encouraging to note that, while many Scots are not (yet) nationalists, they recognise their distinctive heritage and are Scots patriots who have the best interests of their nation at heart. The next goal on the agenda should be to promote the Gaelic language and set up schools for the Gaeltacht areas of Alba, as there are relatively few Gaelic speakers in comparison with the 500,000 in Wales who speak their nation's language.


James D said...

So that's:

~460 channels for ~60 million English-speakers, or about 1 channel per 130,000 people.

1 channel for ~100,000 Gaelic-speakers.

1 channel (2 when the Assembly is sitting) for ~750,000 Welsh-speakers.

I believe we need at least four extra Welsh-language television channels. Here are some ideas:
- a news channel
- a slightly more highbrow companion to S4/C
- something for the children
- something aimed at 16-30s

nitrotab said...

How about we just leave (independence) this sh*t hole called the United Kingdom and set our own television channels up.

arthur english said...

james d and nitrotab said some stuff.....

The rest of us say, you want it, you pay for it.

-750,000 Welsh speakers? Not in your wildest dreams.

nitrotab said...

We will pay for it, one way or another.

arthur english said...

OK nitro, you're on. That's a deal.

Anonymous said...

OK, Try this for size.

Objective: to set up an independent Welsh TV station and make the English taxpayer pay!

1) sell a fixed number subscriptions for £15,000 thousand pounds at a 33% discount.

2) promise to repay the subscription in full.

3) as the subscriptions are sold, use the money to buy UK government bonds.

4) Take the interest from the bonds. split it in the ratio of 9/1. the 1 goes to pay office expenses. The 9 goes to the repayment fund.
subscriptions are drawn at random for repayment: until the fund is exhausted.

This process is repeated every time interest payments are received.

Eventually, a time will come when all the subscriptions are repaid, that will be the time to establish your TV channel.

Borrow money using the bonds as collateral, and use the interest(from the original bonds) to cover the interest and repayment of principal and possibly running expenses.

the English taxpayer pays and the only way the Westminster government can wiggle out of its obligations is to default on the national debt!

kerdasi amaq

alanindyfed said...

I think we should put you forward as our future Finance Minister.

arthur english said...

Sorry kerd, it falls at the first hurdle.

Who is going to buy these bonds? You can forget the Welsh speakers, they just want everyone else to pay for their pleasure.

Who else is going to be daft enough to invest in anything to do with Welsh language TV.

Like I said, YOU want it, YOU pay for it.

Anonymous said...

What is it with you BNP, English Nationalists?

You whinge and complain because the 'UK Government'subsidises Wales, Scotland and N' Ireland and when we want to break away and go it alone without 'any' interference from England you moan, whinge and complain even more.

You need to get your heads looked at.

arthur english said...

Me? Whinge and complain? I'm just addressing a whinging and complaining posting about Welsh TV.

BTW nonny, I'm nothing to do with the BNP or English Nationalism.

I'm just an ordinary British bloke who's a bit pissed off with the constant Welsh whinging about the fact that no-one's interested in Welsh TV.

We British already pay for S4C, which has viewing figures so low that they have to remain hidden.

Count yourself lucky you've got that.

Incidentally, if S4C is anything to go by, no wonder no-one is interested in wasting further funds on more Welsh TV provision.

Anonymous said...

i'm honoured, alanindyfed.

as for arthur english, I think you have not read my post properly.

After all, people are being offered a 50% return on their investment.

kerdasi amaq